Maintenance contracts

Once you contact us we will:
1- Determine the date of preliminary detection to determine the needs of your place of work from periodic visits and emergency depending on the type and quantity of equipment and the nature of your work.
2 - Provide the best offers for study by you.
3 - Go to sign the contract and start to receive our services distinctive.

Emergency Services

Have your work stopped suddenly?!! Contact us, tell us the kind of your problem (personal computer, server, network, electricity, cameras, alarm, telephone exchange ...), and the technical support team will get you as soon as possible and you can continue your work.

Remote Assistance

Distances far? Internet exists? Contact us and tell us what kind of problem you are facing to see if we can help you remotely with a low time and costs.

Professional network systems

Has your company moved to professionalism? Multiple branches and distances separated? Has your network system limitations started affecting the workflow? Have hackers started trying to hack your systems?
Contact us to get a team of experienced engineers and technicians to study the needs of your company and offer you the best offers from computer servers, network cabinets, security systems and storage clouds .. etc
And enjoy our services after purchase and installation.