We are the Only Arab company in Istanbul that offers a full package of integrated and technical services

AYASOFYA for technology development LTD is the only company in the diversity of work fields include multiple technical fields through a team of technical engineers and administrators, distinguished by our long experience and high efficiency, supported and equipped with the latest information technology with its applications, solutions and services.

Our goal is to be the trusted supplier of our customers, organizations and individuals to diversify their business activities to provide the best solutions in all fields of technology.

You are the focus of our attention

We put the needs and requirements of our customers at the forefront of our concerns, and employ all our capabilities and human resources and technological resources to satisfy all of their needs and requirements.

Professionals in our work

We always build constructive professional working relationships with all types of our customers, and seek to ensure their full satisfaction through the quality of services and good treatment and best prices

We continue with you after completion

We provide the best services and products with high quality. We are keen to provide the best after sale services when the projects completed, Starting from the maintenance and modernization and any emergency services requested by the customer, we accept feedback and criticism and we work to avoid errors to maintain the professionalism of the work.

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